“As project Co-ordinator for Coleraine Family History Society, it has been my pleasure to work with Mark. He has set up the site in a very user friendly way for our researchers. The interest generated on the site and the number of ‘hits’ bears this out.  He has led me through the process of up-loading and up-dating the data. I was a complete novice, but now feel confident in what I do as a result of Mark’s very patient tuition.”
Kathleen Connolly, Coleraine Family History Society

“It is amazing to now have our web site designed in a modern user friendly way. We love it”
Rev Diane Matchett, Rector of Castlerock, Dunboe & Fermoyle, Church Of Ireland.

“Nearthing has been very helpful in giving my web site a major overhaul. Very efficient & great advice along the way. The site is now everything i hoped it would be.”
Rory Garforth Guitar Studio

“Excellent design and an impressive home page, few pages need scrolling, the links page with its photo/logo icons is strong and white space is handled well “
Church of Ireland Communications Competition 2010

“You’ve done a wonderful job with the photos. It’s a really professional job. Thank you very much from everyone”
Lorna Bradley, St. Paul’s Flower Festival Director